Ann Arbor Sketch Meetup Group

About Our Group:

The Ann Arbor Sketch Meetup group was originally founded in January 2016 by Jason, a professional graphic design artist. When Jason’s life became too busy to continually organize the group, Linna stepped in and became the organizer. Our goal is to create a relaxed environment for people to get together regularly and practice a fundamental art skill: sketch. By meeting every week on Sunday afternoon, we not only cultivate a habit to improve our art skills but also foster friendships among the art lovers.

Today, our group has grown to 500 members with much diversified backgrounds. Though we have different professions, ages, nationalities etc., we all share one thing in common: a passion toward beauty and creativity, and an open mind to learn from the people that are not in your “common zone”.

If you’d like to check out our group, go to and search for “Ann Arbor Sketch”!


Artist statement: Beauty, Creativity, and Diversity

This is our first group art show. We have painting, drawing, photography, and multimedia artworks. There is not a specific theme for this show. It’s all about beauty, creativity, and diversity.