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We come together serving you a great coffee and a space to gather. From a hello at the register to enjoying a hand crafted beverage, we hope The Common Cup will feel like a home away from home.

Whether you are stopping in briefly or settling in to study for hours, we're glad you're here.

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Our mission is to create an excellent experience for each customer and we believe you deserve our best. While each item we serve has been prepared with care and patience, the ingredients play a major role in the final product.

We source our ingredients from local businesses providing high quality coffee, tea, and milk.

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Art on Display: Aiden Standke

The textiles are on display for the month of January

My name is Aiden Standke and I am a sophomore at the Rudolf Steiner School in Ann Arbor. Whenever I look at art, one of the first things that comes to my mind (besides wow!) is, "what inspired this? What caused this person to do this?" A lot of the time, I don't get an answer, but part of the fun is wondering. I'm not going to tell you what inspired each of my pieces, only that they were all inspired by moods. And, for the same reason I won't tell you what inspired them, I also don't name them. Each piece is made from upcycled clothing, or clothes from resale shops that I have combined into a new piece. They take old ideas and use them to help create a new idea. I hope that you take the time to think about what mood each piece makes you think of, and maybe even what you would name it. I make each piece for someone, even though I don't necessarily know who yet, and that person is the one who names the art, not me.

There will be an Artist Reception on Friday January 12th at 8pm with live music and refreshments.


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