The Common Cup

Serving the Student Community

We come together serving you a great coffee and a space to gather. From a hello at the register to enjoying a hand crafted beverage, we hope The Common Cup will feel like a home away from home.

Whether you are stopping in briefly or settling in to study for hours, we're glad you're here.

Who We Are

Crafting Great Experiences

Our mission is to create an excellent experience for each customer and we believe you deserve our best. While each item we serve has been prepared with care and patience, the ingredients play a major role in the final product.

We source our ingredients from local businesses providing high quality coffee, tea, and milk.

Our Partnerships

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Art on Display: 10 year anniversary!

The artwork on display for the month of October is in celebration of the 10 year anniversary season of The Common Cup. All of the artists who contributed to this months display have had their artwork on display at some point over the last 10 years. We are so grateful for all of their contributions then and now. The practice of rotating local artwork is not the easiest but with the generous contributions of the Artists, as well as many volunteer hours by our Art coordinator Michelle Armbruster, we are able to transform the space anywhere from 8-10 times a year. Not only is it nice to have the variety and change throughout the year, it also contributes towards the mission of being a part of the community.

Another large part of the display this month shows some of the history of The Common Cup over the last 10 years. From historical photos of how the space was used prior to being a coffee shop to concept drawings and events hosted here. A huge shout out to Larry Frank, Norma Polk, and Wendy Eason, both for putting together the display but more importantly for each of their incredibly important roles in brainstorming and bringing to life The Common Cup that we know and love today. Finally, as The Common Cup is a ministry, we also owe an immense amount of gratitude to St. Luke Lutheran Church and University Lutheran Chapel for their willingness to create this place and ULC's continued support over the last several years. Be sure to check out the evolution of the space over the time it's been open.

Artist Reception is Friday October 13 from 8-10pm with live music by Josh Birdsong.

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