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Cultivating a Culture of Belonging

Undergrads, graduate students, and professionals alike use this space to study, meet, work, and relax. Whether you are stopping in briefly or settling in to study for hours, we're glad you're here. Find out about our updated mission and how we plan on accomplishing it by checking out our "Who We Are" section.

Who We Are

We have a huge transient community and understand it's hard to show support and love from afar. We now offer eGift Cards to help with this. This is all done through Square Register and is emailed immediately upon purchase.

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Crafting Great Experiences

We aim to create an excellent experience for each customer and we believe you deserve our best. While each item we serve has been prepared with care and patience, the ingredients play a major role in the final product.

We source our ingredients from local businesses providing high quality coffee, tea, and milk.

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Art on Display: Billy Kangas

The gallery here today is a collection of images that I took as part of an ongoing effort to be more aware of the beauty and meaning that are around me at every moment. It's part of a process I call contemplative photography. It involves a prayerful mindfulness around taking the photos themselves as well as reflecting on what the images can teach me. I also hope the images can help you reflect more deeply on the beauty and mystery of our world. As you look at each image I hope you will take time to reflect on what it might inspire in your own heart. . The sales of all prints will go to support the amazing work of Hope Clinic, where I work as director of Community engagement.

In lieu of an artist reception a ticketed benefit fundraiser for Hope Clinic is scheduled for November 9th. Find out more in our events section.

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